Cascade of colour at sunset

Exhibition title inspires creation of new work of art


Angela Birchall

10/27/20221 min read

When there was an exhibition that I wanted to enter that has a theme of "Cascade of Colour", it inspired me to paint one specifically for this show . . . so I did!

I looked round some of the paintings hung on my studio walls and my attention landed on a scene painted in northern France in a regional protected nature reserve called "Le Fosse Arthur" . . . yes, it's part of their Lancelot/Arthur mythology trails!

I always liked this location where the water was cascading into a lake which then overspilled sending the water crashing round the rocks into a fast running river below. It was a perfect spot to paint racing white water both for my own work and with my art students.

I looked at the day-time version of this scene and thought how much more colourful it would be if it was at sunset and the setting sphere was going to be picked up in the lake and where the white water was cascading into the lake or racing out of it on the overspill.

Obviously from the original painting you wouldn't have been able to see the setting sun because the background foliage was too high up, but with artistic licence, that greenery disappeared to make the sky visible.😁

The result is this canvas which was on show at the SCA's exhibition "Cascade of Colour" at their gallery the ArtHouse, in Eastbank Street, Southport.

I'm adding the day-time version so you can see how that one influenced the other, but it was only the sunset version in the exhibition.

If you also want some special memories capturing forever in a work of art, please message me for a chat.